Photo Variance

Finish & Colour

Guitars are finished with many coats of lacquer, in addition to stains, burst patterns, and other coloured finishes. This process is often completed by hand and a “photo-perfect” result cannot be guaranteed.

Wood Grain

Maple, rosewood, and ash are common woods found in guitars that can vary with respect to natural grain pattern. This can change the appearance of an instrument but is no indicator of build quality.


Many of the high-end instruments we sell are handmade. This means that, at various stages of construction, details like binding can acquire normal imperfections.

Please be aware

Due to the individual and unique nature of our products, items delivered may vary with respect to wood grain as well as exact distribution and shade of finish coating. The photos on our website are a fair representation of the design, color, and features of each instrument – we are not responsible for minor variances from the instrument pictured.

Every care has been taken to ensure that instruments are adjusted to our exacting specifications. Read more to learn about our quality control process. If you are concerned about any minor aesthetic variances of the product you are considering or have ordered, please contact one of our customer service agents at your convenience.