Quality Control

Learn more about our quality control process – from setup to strings, we ensure that every instrument plays its best.

quality control

Action & Intonation

Neck relief, saddle and nut height interact with string tension to create a low, even action across the fretboard. We check for buzz and fretting-out in various positions along the neck and using various bends & chords. Intonation is checked and adjusted using a highly accurate strobe tuner.

Strings & Hardware

After installing fresh strings, we stretch and tune them for out-of-the-box playability. We tighten the output jack and other hardware, as well as testing the vibrato and tuning machines for functionality.


We verify that all pots, switches, and pickups are fully functional before the instrument leaves the shop. All components must operate smoothly and quietly.

Case & Accessories

All manufacturer-included accessories, original case, and packaging ship with every new instrument, where possible. Hang tags, warranty and QC cards are collated and shipped.

Fender Guitar Telecaster

Finishing Touches

Every instrument gets a final once-over, play-test, and polish to ensure that gifts and critical deliveries are flawless upon arrival.