Service & Repair

Bellone's has been London's go-to instrument repair shop for decades.

When you bring your prized instrument for maintenance you get a lifetime of experience and knowledge. We work with the best techs and luthiers in London to make sure you get fast, reliable, quality service. We also stand behind any work completed in house – satisfaction guaranteed.

Even for something as simple as restringing your instrument, we take pride in providing a superior service. We clean & oil the fretboard, polish the finish and select the ideal gauge of strings to compliment both your guitar and play style.

Starting at $25

Our setup service is completed in-house by expert technicians. In addition to restringing, cleaning & oiling the fretboard and polishing the finish, we also adjust the neck relief, intonation and string height to your exacting specifications. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Starting at $55

If your guitar needs the touch of a skilled luthier, you can rely on our techs to get your instrument back on stage. Call (519) 673-1411 for more information.