We offer the best trade-in value on electric, acoustic, and bass guitars in the city. Visit the shop at 446 York St. with your instrument to have it evaluated by an expert technician.


Our online trade-in program is the only one of its kind! For the first time ever, you can send us a guitar from anywhere in Canada and receive a coupon code for the trade-in value to use online.


  • Customer pays shipping costs – return shipping is free if we have approved your trade online and are subsequently unable to accept it for any reason
  • $15 will be deducted for corroded strings
  • $35 will be deducted for unplayable action & intonation
  • Please do not misrepresent your trade in any way. If we do not feel that an item is in acceptable mechanical and cosmetic condition to resell, we will be unable to approve the trade.

How to evaluate your guitar

If you are unsure on any of the following points, please detail those issues in the “Known Issues” or “Modifications” fields.

  • Examine the neck, frets, and strings. Are the strings black or corroded? Are there notches or divots in any of the frets? Is the neck back- or front-bowed, causing the strings to lay against the neck or sit unplayably high off the neck? Does the neck appear to twist to one side or another when you look down it towards the headstock?
  • Examine electronics by plugging into an amp and testing the potentiometers (knobs), switches, and output jack. Do you hear crackling? Do any components or knobs seem loose? Is there a strong signal output to the amp?
  • Check the hardware. Do all screws seem solidly affixed? Do all moving parts like machine heads and vibrato mechanisms operate smoothly and quietly?

Fill out ALL fields of the form below to start a conversation with one of our experts and start trading today!